What Is Pollingwiz?

Pollingwiz is an online polling system that enables you to question your audience with relevant options and gather sufficient information to come to an opinionated user opinion and lets decision making easier

How can I create a poll?

A poll can be created either online or off-line by entering your poll question followed by poll options

Can I add images to my poll?

Yes, you can add an image to each poll which appears on of each poll while displaying

Can I add an images to my poll options?

Yes, you can add image to each option

How can I answer a poll?

A poll can be answered by anyone from mobile/web browsers

Can I vote multiple options?

It depends on the poll admin who created it. Admin has the ability to set up the choice of accepting multiple options from users.

Are the poll results genuine?

Yes, they are genuine, false votes from bots are avoided at maximum.

Can anyone vote multiple times?

It depends on the admin. If admin chooses to avoid duplication, one cannot vote a poll more than once.

Can I disable a poll any time?

Yes, once you see if the poll has got enough opinions or any other reason, you can disable it.

Can I share my poll anywhere?

Currently, you can share a poll on Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc., You will be given a URL for each poll

What type of results are shown for each poll?

Poll votes, time-wise results, IP address(confidential) details, basic system information of voters are shown in a crisp manner.

Can I have set of polls bound together?

Yes, you can conduct surveys with a set of questions shared via single URL.

Can I comment on poll/survey/quiz?

Yes, you can comment on individual poll/survey/quiz using Facebook comments.

Can I create survey/quiz without registration?

This option is currently provided to logged in users.

Can I restrict my survey/quiz to few sets of people?

Yes, voters are restricted via email, As an admin, you can set restrictions to your users.

Can I set a time limit for the quiz?

Yes, while creating quiz you can set time limit to a quiz in quiz settings.

Can I set time period for poll/survey/quiz?

Yes, you can set the time period.

What is the difference between Private and Public survey/quiz?

In public survey/quiz, we display suggestions for polls, shortcuts to share on various social networking sites, and allow public to comment, whereas in private survey/quiz only questions are displayed.

Can I embed a poll on my web page?

Yes, It needs a registered account under Pollingwiz. Once you create a poll, a unique URL is assigned to your poll and also a code snippet is generated with a specific size

Can I set the size to my poll widget?

Yes,the widget is displayed with respect to the size given by you in settings page while creating a poll

Are there any dependencies to embed poll?

No, you need not worry about any dependencies.

Can I embed a survey/quiz into my web page?

No, currently we give a fixed URL to each survey/quiz. No widgets are provided

Is it free of cost?

It is free of cost