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An online polling system with great analytics. Create polls, survey and quiz. Get inputs from your audiences! Allows you to embed polls on your own site. Create an account for a record of all the polls you created..

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Survey your audience by creating a poll with flexible options as you like. Multiple options are allowed.

Share and collect

Share your poll(s) with friends, colleagues, public and survey your aundience's opinion.


See the responses collected for any poll at any point of time with cool visual representation.


PollingWiz allows you to create a poll, survey and quiz with all the features provided. It lets you collect genuine opinions by giving share flexibility. Customization of poll is flexible enough to give textual/pictorial information. Results are shown in a crisp manner to make decision making easier.


Ask your audience a question with PollingWiz

Create polls and surveys for seeking your audience's opinion. Incorporate into your decisions. You get detailed reports about user opinons, their geo and other analytics. Stay tuned for new features. The application is constantly developed to provide you exciting new features.

Analytics for PollingWiz application

Crisp results are shown for each poll, survey and quiz. Decision making is made easier by providing timely information of results once you login with PollingWiz. Management of polls, surveys,quizs and also those results is clear and simple to understand.


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